ActionVan Design & Build Bespoke CamperVan Conversions for Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts.
Our Passion for Windsurfing, SUP & Cycling Gives Us a Real Insight & Expertise in Making Your Dream ActionVan Conversion a Reality.

Eco Vehicle Tuning for ActionVan - offering more power & efficiency for your Van

As you may or may not know manufacturers place certain restrictions on your Engine Control Unit (ECU) to allow for a number of possible issues: extreme temperatures, altitude, poor fuel quality and lack of correct servicing for example.

ActionVan are pleased to offer you a new service to remove these limitations, optimising performance and increasing MPG so you can enjoy the vehicle the way it was intended to be and save money.

With engines becoming ever increasingly modular to keep manufacturing costs down, it is common for manufacturers to simply remap engines ECU to provide varying outputs, which they then sell at inflated prices. This fact alone shows you the tolerances which are available to take advantage of in a modern engine.

We know reliaibility is important to you so we offer a safe and dependable ECU Remap tuning solution for your engine. There is also the added bonus of fuel gains of 7-10% plus; achieved through better throttle response and increased torque.

All Celtic Tuning Products are installed by ECO Vehicle Tuning for ActionVan at our workshop on the River Hamble, a local dealer who happens to also be into Windsurfing, Kite-Surfing and SUP! They provide you with a 14 day money back guarantee for your peace of mind and for those with vans under 3 years and 60,000 miles, they even supply a warranty that backs up the manufacturer’s.

You will also receive a certificate for the remap for your Van handbook and should you want to sell your van in the future they can revert the remap to the standard if required.

To find out what's possible for you email Drew at ActionVan with your vehicle specification and we will get back to you on what's possible and when the work can be done for you.

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