ActionVan Design & Build Bespoke CamperVan Conversions for Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts.
Our Passion for Windsurfing, SUP & Cycling Gives Us a Real Insight & Expertise in Making Your Dream ActionVan Conversion a Reality.

Lining Packages

Bespoke Lining Packages

ActionVan offer a complete bespoke insulation & lining service. Where your vehicle is fully ply lined and insulated, then finished with your choice of lining material. All of the products we use have been tested to with stand daily wear and tear, temperature increase and decrease and future maintenance meaning our lining will withstand the test of time. 

Insulating and lining your vehicle will not only keep the vehicle cool in summer but also keep the heat in during winter. The lining process and all of our skills used to complete each package have been perfected over many years. No other company can offer such a comprehensive lining package with this level of high quality finish, instantly giving all passengers a more luxurious, enjoyable and soundproofed experience.

As the first stage of any conversion is to line and insulate to create the base of a ‘Day Van’ or ‘Camper’, we have taken the time to develop and source some of Europe’s finest materials to use within our packages. We use Birch ply, Temperature tested adhesives, Specialist automotive insulation and the best quality lining material. We also offer upgrades such as Alcantara head linings to give an even more luxurious feel. 

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