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Vivaro - The Official Test Centre (OTC) van conversion

ActionVan's brief here was to provide a comfortable environment for staying at the occasional event along with providing the OTC with a work-horse carrying loads of kit.

The OTC concept of stocking the latest windsurfing boards and sails from all the major brands so that their clients can test and compare them for themselves has been a total success in their Tenerife centre. The OTC are confident that the system works and that it offers a vital extra resource in the windsurfing world. The aim of the New UK centre is to go one step further by providing a full, progressive centre with access to windsurfing for all, from the complete beginner to the pro windsurfer. In essence they aim to provide a social hub, helping to showcase windsurfing ... and what better venue to do this than at the 2012 Olympic sailing venue in Weymouth.

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