ActionVan Design & Build Bespoke CamperVan Conversions for Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts.
Our Passion for Windsurfing, SUP & Cycling Gives Us a Real Insight & Expertise in Making Your Dream ActionVan Conversion a Reality.

Lesser striped Vivaro van

Rare, Strangely obsessed with Badgers, Full of useless facts, Over excited and Fanatical about teaching Windsurfing & SUP are how Sam Ross normally gets described.
And now he’s got an ActionVan too!
The ultimate kit carrier for any Windsurfing/SUP professional.

Sam’s currently an RYA advanced plus instructor, RYA trainer and has been a member of the Boards test team. He’s also an RYA level 2 race coach and has given feedback to different windsurfing brands on product and their development. His focus is on spending as much time on the water as possible, helping those who want to progress with their personal and professional development. If you are interested in any aspect of the sport and want him to help you progress your personal or professional development, whether company or individual, please don’t hesitate to contact him:

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